Along the Falesia Beach Trail, the highlights include the expansive ocean views and the striking geology of the long, continuous cliff that rises from east to west. The maritime landscape around is painted in broad strokes of vivid ochre, green, and blue, making it both inspiring and energizing.

Praia Falesia Beach - Olhos de Agua

Location: Coastline between Vilamoura and Olhos de Água; Loulé and Albufeira municipalities; GPS Coordinates : 37° 4′ 37.4052″ N / 8° 7′ 44.814″ W (start); Decimal Degrees Coordinates: 37.07705892719271, -8.12911830526642; Grade: moderate/medium difficulty; some stretches can be more difficult for elderly or very young visitors; Type: loop trail (cliff + beach) or linear trail (out & back, cliff only); this trail is not signposted; Length: about 8.0 kilometers/ 5.0 miles (loop trail); Average Completion Time: up to 3 hours; Best Time to Visit: spring, autumn and winter; Activities: nature walks and hikes; birdwatching; swimming in summer; other water sports.

Your best option is to start the walk along the cliff and then return to the starting point via the beach. This route lets you fully experience the character of the stunning coastline. Moreover, ascending along the first part of the trail has the additional advantage of revealing increasingly spectacular viewpoints over the seashore.

Trail - Falesia
The Falesia Beach Trail showcases the cliff’s unique and intricately sculpted shapes, which stand out against the vivid blue and green colors of the sea. From the highest point of the trail, you can see the entire coastline extending from the distant Desert Island in Faro to the rocky coastal formations of Albufeira in the west.

Topographic Profile - Falesia Beach Trail - Algarve copiar

Made up of vibrant ochre, chalky, and maroon rock faces, the cliff withstands further erosion thanks to the strong roots of the stone pines that top the trail’s westernmost section. Despite this, the winter rains still carve deep ravines into some parts of the imposing cliff.


The vegetation in these ravines, gullies and surrounding habitats provides shelter for birds such as the Kestrel, the Hoopoe, the Sardinian Warbler and the Azure-winged Magpie (shown above). Along the trail, this coastal haven becomes even richer with the abundance of flowers that bloom at the start of spring. Springtime also reveals many beautiful inhabitants at the base of the cliff, like the Sea Daffodil, the invasive Hottentot Fig, and the rare, delicate Spiny Thrift (shown below, from left to right).

Plant Species - Falesia Trail copiar

Erosion from the cliff enriches Falesia Beach, depositing soft sand across the expansive shoreline. Rated as one of the world’s best by TripAdvisor users, this vast beach is a compelling reason to visit this delightful location on the Algarve coast.

Further Tips | Falesia Beach Trail

There are multiple parking areas along the route (see on the map above). However, during the summer and on weekends, it can be difficult to find parking if you don’t arrive early. Please note that some beach accesses involve long wooden staircases, which can be challenging for people with limited mobility. To see the calcareous cliffs in Olhos de Água (please check map), you can continue walking due west along the beach (instead of turning left to make your way back).

Cliffs - Falesia Beach Trail
Due to the strong, humid winds that sometimes affects the area, don’t forget to wear warm and waterproof clothing during the winter. It is also crucial to always keep a safe distance from the cliff edges – the rock is very soft and brittle, and small landslides are a frequent occurrence.

Landforms - Falesia Beach Hike - Algarve copiar

The Falesia Beach Trail can be somewhat challenging to navigate because it includes steep and slippery sections. It’s best to wear proper hiking shoes instead of beach sandals when walking the cliff path. The sandy beach offers many quiet areas perfect for off-season strolls. Keep in mind that many coastal bars and restaurants are closed in the winter, so be sure to bring enough water and food for your hike. Enjoy!

Praia da Falesia Beach Trail

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