About WalkAlgarve


Many years ago there was not a single web-based service that would advise and inform about the natural attractions of the Algarve, a gorgeous Portuguese region where the natural heritage is still overlooked by visitors. I really wanted to change that situation.

As a keen birdwatcher and outdoor aficionado, WalkAlgarve allowed me to showcase the region’s rich avifauna and beautiful landscapes. I was also highly critical of the predicament faced by many towns, villages and landscapes in the Algarve: unfortunately, in order to attract tourists during the 80s and 90s, both private and public players started to promote and develop sprawling monstrosities like Quarteira and Monte Gordo; in addition, precious bird hotspots like Pera Marsh and the Vilamoura Reed Beds were – and still are – under existencial threat due to unrestrained, myopic urban development.

Because of these threats, we need our visitors to know and to enjoy the Algarve’s natural spaces in order to protect the region’s coast and countryside from a quite sad and irreversible faith. Such public and private players must see with their own eyes that ecotourism is a vital part of the local economy and that ethical forms of economic activity can be both lucrative and sustainable. We must also reward local communities and small businesses making an effort to preserve their cultural and ecological legacy.

At WalkAlgarve.com, our activities have been devoted to this very purpose. This is the reason why we established a cooperation with A Rocha Life, a differentiated touristic operator imbued with strong ethics and a wealth of experience about the Algarve’s landscapes, ecological challenges and wildlife (and they have raving customer reviews too!).

Much to my happiness, over the years WalkAlgarve has become a reference for visitors wishing to discover the Algarve’s natural spaces. And from the smallest personal blog to one of the leading luxury hotel chains in the world, our website has been singled out as the place to go in order to find reliable information on the region’s landscapes and wildlife.

TripAdvisor – the largest travel website in the world – also features prominently WalkAlgarve on their pages about many attractions in the Algarve (like the Alvor Boardwalk or the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail, among numerous others). Being accountable and under the spotlight only adds to my sense of responsibility. Without a doubt, I’ll do my utmost to maintain the credibility entrusted to me by the public and by these global companies.

I sincerely hope that WalkAlgarve’s in-depth articles and distinct services are useful and rewarding for you: WalkAlgarve is here to serve you and to fill your holidays with unforgettable experiences. Enjoy!

Filipe Moreira