Walking in the Algarve is a very safe activity. The crime rate is very, very low (among the lowest in Europe) and there are ample means to help you in case of need. It is also an invigorating and rewarding activity. However, before visiting any of the described trails or natural areas please consider taking with you the following equipment:
  • Waterproof clothes or light clothing (depending, naturally, on the weather forecast)
  • Hat, sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Adequate and stout footwear
  • A small rucksack with water, food, compass/GPS, fully-charged mobile phone, maps and a torchlight
  • First aid kit and your usual medications if you need those on a regular basis
  • Medical emergencies: call 112; Forest fires or other severe matters: call 117.


Other Important Advice

  • Please note that a few remote areas are not covered by wireless phone networks. These areas are mainly located in the countryside and along the Vicentine Coast.
  • On coastal areas, please keep a safe distance from the edges of the cliffs; the edges are highly subjected to erosion and weathering, making them unstable. On cliffy settings, always keep a safe distance from the foot of the cliff – rocks can and will fall from above. Also, do not drive or park on the top of the cliffs.
  • When visiting wetlands, please apply insect repellent before the night sets in: at sunset and after dark, mosquitoes are a real nuisance across some areas covered by bodies of fresh water.
  • Do not walk or drive over dunes. Except in a few more heavily urbanized places, dunes are protected by law because they constitute a valuable habitat to many endangered species.
  • Do not collect any wild specimens: the Algarve has many threatened plant species and a few rare species of animals. Wild specimens are strictly protected by law. Also, do not light fires – this is a serious offense and you can be criminally charged.
  • Check the weather forecast (please follow the link above) before leaving your accommodation. Make sure you are able to complete the intended route before it gets dark, and please inform any interested parties about your intended whereabouts and arrival & departure times.

Markings on Signposted Trails